My work draws from the entire artistic palette of fine art, illustration and design. It requires close attention to allow access to what I call the hidden dream journeys beneath. My influences include artists as diverse as Hundertwasser, Klimt, Blake, Hockney, the dancer Isadora Duncan and designers including Zandra Rhodes. You can, perhaps, see the direct workings of my unconscious and subconscious mind with a confusion of memories, dreams and reflections.

After art school my career in the fashion industry and eventual role as head of design for London based companies took me to countries including India, China, Hong Kong, Tai-Wan and North America. I was deeply influenced by many of the cultures and people I engaged with.

My artwork can be seen as a series of contour lines in two dimensions representing the many dimensional world around me. There are shapes described by the lines that could be almost organic while others are almost technological, some are troubling and psychological while others are joyful and triumphant. Many have a spiritual dimension and call for contemplation and introspection. The shapes and lines are intended to have a visceral impact on the viewer with ideas and images seeming to grow out of them. My work has been described as speaking to the viewer in ‘another language’.

My current portfolio has evolved over a period of time. The process usually begins with a line in drawing pen with water-colour or gouache which is then worked into and often collaged or even stitched. Often parts of words, text or numbers are scribbled into the work. This is then scanned and the resulting image is developed digitally with colour reversal and manipulation. This digital image is printed using high definition giclee print on fine art paper. The print is further hand embellished to produce a unique monoprint.

The next stage for me will be to produce much larger images on various substrates from metal to clear perspex and glass. Ideally these works will have an almost architectural quality and will be made to be seen beyond formal gallery spaces.

To contact Clare:-
Email: clashe@outlook.com